I start by learning all I can about you.

Why did you ask me to work with you? What is the objective of your project? What are the stakes? What’s going on in your industry? What are the threats to your success? We’ll talk about these and other questions when we begin our partnership so all the work we do together is effective, focused on the most important thing strategic communications can deliver: results.

Then we pinpoint the problem.

Maybe you’re not getting enough referrals from a campaign you launched. Maybe you’re planning a new service but don’t have a plan for reaching out to your audiences. Or maybe you’re focused on growing an existing service or product line. Regardless, we’ll zero in on measurable goals and design a strategic approach that gets you where you need to be.

We’ll bring an incisive, modern take to the table.

A plan that leaves no stone unturned is what it takes to cut through the noise and reach most audiences today. That means multi-media, targeted, and creative. Our work is based in the fundamentals, but features an appreciation for, and expertise in, what works today to engage and activate customers, prospects, donors — whoever you’re trying to reach.

Finally, we execute and deliver to completion.

Handing off copy for you to integrate, revise, and implement only creates more work for you, and defeats the purpose of going after extra help. Projects fail without solid leadership. But we build the schedule, manage the project, interface with other creatives — you name it. Whatever it takes to get the job to finished so it can start working for you.

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